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“Most people clean floors they walk on,desks they sit at, but never ducts of air they breathe momently.”

Scope of Work

  • Protecting the space we are working in.
  • Removing system diffusers and return register (where posisible and permitted), or opening new access panels in the ducting system.
  • HEPA vacuuming the debris and the accumulated dust from vent openings and surrounding area.
  • Treating diffusers and grills with a degreasing cleaner.Degreasing and neutralizing the air handle units (filter, coil, fan).
  • Cleaning the interior ductwork with a rotary-driven high tensile strength cable through a double-lined vacuum hose connected to a dome-shaped brush. (simultaneously agitates , dislodge and HEPA vacuums dirt , dust , small debris , fungi , pollen , mold spores , dust mites , Bacteria , animal dander , and smoke residue)
  • Fogging the duct in /out, the upper side of false ceiling, and the whole HVAC System with (Disinfectant) continuous residual bacteriostatic activity for up to six months, providing 100% kill of disease & odor-causing organisms. Approved by FDA, EPA, OSHA, NADCA, IAQ Association Inc.
  • Leaving the space the way we found it clean and tidy.