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Ecology Unit

  • Do cooking grease and oil depose on the roof?
  • Does your neighborhood always complaint about cooking smoke & odor?
  • We have an efficient solution to these problems.
  • We install an ecology unit includes washable fine filters, washable Electrostatic Precipitator cells, Washable UV lamps, and Activated carbon filters for all kinds of cooking (frying, Charcoal grilling, Fish frying) noted that the charcoal stove should be equipped with sparks arrestors to avoid any hazard of fire.
  • We can manufacture different sizes of ecology units can fit the location in the ceiling, on the wall or on the roof.
  • We provide weekly or monthly maintenance and cleaning for the ecology unit to maintain its proper performance.
  • We guarantee our ecology unit for one year (electrical and electronics works).
  • Our ecology unit can control the grease 100 %, the smoke 98 %, and the odor 98 %, to keep this performance, the unit needs weekly or monthly cleaning, up to the quantity and the type of cooking.

Our Clients

  • Four seasons Hotel / 4 boxes.
  • Ahwak resto, St.Nicolas.
  • Abdel Wahab resto , ABC Mall , Achrafieh.
  • Society resto / Saifi Suites \hotel.
  • Em sheriff cafĂ©, downtown Beirut.
  • DUO, ABC Mall, Achrafieh.
  • Central Kitchen of GHIA.
  • Lecture Sin El Fil.
  • Cosmocity, Beirut Souks.
  • Kababji, Beirut Souks.
  • AGHA resto, Ras el Nabaa.
  • Leila resto, ABC Mall Achrafieh.
  • DIVY resto, ABC Mall Achrafieh.
  • Quartier Chic resto, Downtown facing "Elie Saab", Beirut.
  • Bedivere Resto-Pub, Hamra, Beirut.
  • Abdel Wahab, ABC Mall, Verdun.
  • DUO, ABC Mall, Verdun.