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“The worst thing to happen to a Restaurant is Fire ! Please don’t gamble with the safety of your restaurant, your employees, your guests, and your food quality So go call us to eliminate all the hazards of fire, improve the performance of the kitchen exhausting system & provide the kitchen with all the safety procedures.”

Scope of Work

  • Moving the fragile machinery, devices or fragile items away the working area and shut off Gas connector valve & Co2 alarm, put off the lighting of the hood and the working areas, turn off the fire suppression system and UV system if available, turn off the sucking fan and The ESP (if available), turn off the automatic back wash system (if available),and turn off the fresh air fan.
  • Protecting the space we’re working with nylon sheets.
  • Opening, closing, sealing access panels at the turns of the exhaust ducts or where needed and in the correct side of the duct (if not available).
  • Scraping where needed, degreasing with special foam or liquid chemicals.
  • If the grease in the exhaust duct is old, baked, much accumulated, and is too difficult to be removed we use rotary stainless steel brush to scratch and simultaneously spraying liquid degreaser after manual scraping. (All areas of the exhaust system will be cleaned to a point where the metal is clearly visible (bare metal) in accordance with international fire codes& NFPA standards code # 96 11.4.2.)
  • The same cleaning process will be applied for the Horizontal and the vertical ducts
  • Complete cleaning for the roof grease sucking fan and the ecology box( if available).

Sending to the client :

  • A cleaning report.
  • Before & after photos.
  • Report of all defects and damage in the exhausting system.
  • Report of all hazards of fire.
  • Report of our suggestions and recommendations.