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  1. A Cyclone May be used to remove large particles before a pollutant stream enters a wet scrubber.
  2. Wet scrubbing is a physical process whereby particulates, vapors, and gases are controlled by either passing a gas stream through a liquid solution or spraying a liquid into a gas stream. Water is the most commonly used absorbent liquid. as the gas stream contacts the liquid which absorbs the pollutants, in much the same way that rain droplets wash away strong odors on hot summer days.
  3. Wet Scrubbers can be highly effective in removing particles, with removal efficiencies of up to 99%; however, their efficiency for very small particles can be much lower.
  4. Wet Scrubbers are used in coal-burning power plants, asphalt/concrete plants, and can be very useful at facilities that emit particulates along with sulfur oxides, hydrogen sulfide, other gases, and particulates generators and wood stove smoke and CO2.  
  5. We install stainless steel wet scrubber to control boiler, generator, wood, charcoal smoke, black soot, gas, and CO2 odor.
  6. Our wet scrubber contains spraying nozzles (different design), soot and dirt interceptor, water pump, water tank, filters, and draining system.