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Company Overview

Professionals S.A.R.L is a team of specialists in kitchen exhaust cleaning and commercial kitchen designing from Lebanon

aiming to provide the safety of the commercial kitchen, its staff, its guests, and its environment. the safety of the restaurant, the safety of guests, and the safety of the environment.

Professionals S.A.R.L Provides specifications and designing of Commercial kitchen Hood, baffle filters, exhaust ducting, and ventilation system with complete air balance in the cooking area.

Professionals S.A.R.L is accredited by “ABC Malls”,Le Mall “,”Beirut City center”,”City Mall”, “the Spot Mall”,“Solidere”, “Solidere Souks”,”Zaytunay Bay project”,”Dbayeh Village” , Backyards Hazmieh”, ”Municipality of Beirut”, and most Five-star Hotels and restaurants in Lebanon.

The Generator ofyour facility is blowing black soot on the roof and on the neighborhood, its flue piping is blocked with the black soot, is fragmenting or venting. The flue piping needs wrapping with rock wool and jacketing.The generator and its room's heat is getting higher.

Do you have a generator with the same problems?
Call us to solve them.

Our Expertise
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  • your Kitchen


    Too hot, cooking area is drafty?

  • Grease is deposited on the roof, on the electricity cables around the hood, or on the hood.

  • Too much air transferred from the main hall to the kitchen?

  • Utility bills are too high?

  • Cooking odor & smoke filling the cooking area.

  • Neighborhood complaining of cooking odor & smoke, roof fan sound & vibration?

  • The exhaust duct joints are leaking or venting.

  • Afraid of any hazard of fire.

    Do you have a kitchen with the same problems?
    Call us to solve them.