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Our Expertise


Our company provides :

  • kitchen grease exhaust Cleaning Including Hood, vertical, and horizontal ducting, roof grease sucking fan.
  • Stainless steel works for the kitchen such as hoods, baffle filters, shelves, wall claddings, tables, panels, and full maintenance.
  • sparks arrestors for charcoal or wood stove to avoid any hazard of fire.
  • Kitchen Exhaust ducting/ seamed galvanized steel / welded black steel / welded stainless steel ducting(telescoping system), sealing. insulating and jacketing.
  • Ecology Unit including Electrostatic Precipitator, UV lamps & fine filters boxes to control grease, smoke, and odor of cooking and charcoal grilling on the roof 98%.
  • “H-Ion Clusters to control cooking odor, bacteria & virus in the indoor environment.
  •  UV lamps to control the odor of cooking and many other odors.
  • Stainless steel grease trap /interceptor for the dishwashing sinks in the commercial kitchen.
  •  Make-up /treated complete fresh air system for the cooking area & ventilation system for the Narguila smoking area.
  • HVAC system for the commercial kitchen.
  • Air Duct cleaning service.
  • Laundry duct and vent cleaning service.
  • Generator & boiler flue piping cleaning service.
  • Chimney Sweeping service.
  • Kitchen drains cleaning and neutralizing service.
  • Phenolic air duct for the HVAC system and fresh air noted that this air duct system is one of the most advanced and energy saving air duct systems all over the's eco-compatible and environment-friendly as well, it consists of pre-insulated aluminum panels and accessories, it is more hygienic than that insulated galvanized air duct.   
  • Commercial kitchen Solutions for cooking smoke, odor, grease, & high heat in the cooking area.
  • Floor care service.
  • The monthly preventative maintenance program for the whole exhausting system and mechanical works in the restaurant  (including hood, ducting, roof grease sucking fan, HVAC system, ecology Unit).
  • Safety procedures in the kitchen such as the safety of the gas system and electricity works, the safety of food, fire suppression system etc.
  • Kitchen infrastructure designing and specifications.
  • Green kitchen in accordance of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).
  • Vibration isolation of the fans and other vibrating machines.
  •  Wet scrubber to wash the black smoke and black flakes of the wood stove, generator & boiler smoke and gas on the roof.